Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of airport-zagrebtaxi.com (hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms and Conditions” apply to all services which airport-zagrebtaxi.com supplies to you.

Please carefully review these Terms and Conditions set forth below.


1.1 Transfer is transport at least one passenger from the starting to the ending point of travel.


1.2 Transfer can be in one direction or reverse.




2.1 Private transfer: A limited number of passengers depending on the type of vehicle. Passengers are greeted by a driver who bears an inscription with the names of passengers. The driver will drive the passenger to the desired address. Transfer prices are per vehicle.




3.1 A person who wishes to make a reservation must be of legal age and have a valid credit card.


3.2 Reservations are made on the website: airport-zagrebtaxi.com, filling all the necessary forms.


3.3 Reservations must be made at least 12 hours before transfer.


3.4. If a person wants to book a transfer within 12 hours, shall by telephone and administrators get a final confirmation. If there’s no written confirmation issued by the administrator, the transfer will not be executed.


3.5. A person who enters the data is responsible for their accuracy. The carrier is not responsible for incorrectly entered or untrue information.


3.6. The person booking the transfer for a larger group accepts the terms on behalf of the entire group and is considered to be the holder of all rights and obligations arising from the Policy.


3.7. If a person wants to pay the entire amount at the end of transfer, the reservation is considered valid only when he sends confirmation mail to the administrator for 12 hours before the transfer was agreed to start.


3.8. If a person wants to pay part or full amount of the transfer cost in advance, the reservation is valid only when the Bank accepts credit card, and when the checkout was successfully completed.


3.9. The carrier is not obligated to accept the reservation. If it is accepted, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail message on address previously left as a contact. If the reservation is not accepted, and the payment was already made, the amount paid would be refunded in the shortest possible time.


3.10. Upon successful payment, a customer e-mail address will receive an invoice with all the booking details.


3.11. Each account contains a unique identification code. This code is used to check the status of the reservation, re booking or cancellation of the reservation, and as a reference for further communication between the carrier and customer.


The data from your credit card are given to guarantee the reservation, payment or billing terms formed according to the offer the client has received. To protect data from credit cards, we use "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your data are completely safe. SSL encryption is a tested system that allows your browser to automatically encrypt your data before you send them.




4.1 Additional baggage will not be charged if reported.


The client is obliged to provide accurate information about additional baggage. Unreported luggage for extra charge.


4.2 The Carrier is not obligated to transport any unreported luggage if the vehicle does not have enough space.


4.3 The Carrier is not liable for the contents of luggage that passengers enter the vehicle.




5.1. Children can not use our service unless accompanied by an adult.


5.2 At a private transport of children 0-5 years old, children seat is compulsory. As the children's seat occupies one seat in the vehicle, the child is counted as an adult passenger.




6.1 The client is allowed to change the reservation details at any time. If a person wants to change the reservation details (a starting destination or final destination) within 12 hours prior to the transfer, shall pay an administrative fee of 10 Euros.


6.2 If the price of the new transfer is larger than the old price, the difference would be charged. If the price of a new transfer is lower than the old, company will refund the difference.




7.1 In the case of cancellation of transfer within 72 hours before the transfer started, company will NOT return the amount paid


7.2. In case of cancellation more than 3 days before the transfer started , the paid amount would be returned, but the transmission costs bear the client, not the company.


7.3. If the reservation is made within 5 days before start of transfer, and there is a cancellation, the amount paid is not refundable.


7.4. If a customer doesn't come to the scheduled meeting (no-show) because of delay of his plain / train / boat / bus, and did not report the arrival to our administrators, the amount paid will not be refunded. If he reports non-attendance, and wants to change the time of transfer, he can arrange that with our administrator without additional compensation.




8.1. All vehicles that are used for taxi transfers are properly inspected and insured in accordance with Croatian laws.


8.2. Personal insurance is included in the price of the transfer.


8.3. A passenger under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances will be not be allowed to enter the vehicle and is not entitled to any refund.


8.4. A passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of the driver, other passengers or other road users will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to the police station.


8.5. It is allowed to consume nonalcoholic beverages and bottled water with cap during the transfer.


8.6. It is not allowed to consume food, alcohol, or any legally prohibited substances during the transfer.




9.1. The carrier is obligated to perform all the services responsible and within professional practices and standards, in accordance with Croatian laws.


9.2. Carrier may transfer his rights and obligations partially or fully to a third person or persons, of their own choosing without prior notice.


9.3. All oral agreements between the client and the Carrier shall subsequently be confirmed in writing (e-mail, fax). Otherwise, will be considered invalid.


9.4. The carrier is not liable for delays in arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic jams, force Majeure (flood, fire, earthquake ..) and is not obligated to pay the damage to the client.


9.5. In case client can not make contact with his driver at the agreed place at an agreed time, he must immediately contact our administrator by phone +385 91 3844 610,+385 91 3844 001, +385 91 3844 555, where he will receive further instructions.


9.6. If for any reason client can not atend the start of transfer at the agreed time, he must immediately contact our administrator by phone +385 91 3844 555,+385 91 3844 610,+385 913844 001 where he will receive further instructions.


9.7. The carrier can not guarantee exact duration of the transfer. All data on the duration of transfers are approximate. Clients who continue to travel by other means of transport should leave enough time between the end of the transfer and the departure of another vehicle.


9.8. In case that the selected type of vehicle for any reason is unavailable, the carrier is required to provide another appropriate vehicle.


9.9. The carrier is only entitled to charge transfer. Nobody has the right on behalf of the Carrier to charge or modify the terms of the transfer, except where expressly defined.


9.10. In the case that service is not made, in whole or in part, the carrier is obliged to refund the amount paid in full. The traveler is required to obtain and present evidence in support of their claims. Complaints must be submitted within 48 hours. Without grounds or objections will not be considered.


9.11. The carrier is obliged to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 30 days.


9.12. If a client is entitled to any refund or part of the amount paid on any basis, the carrier shall make the refund within 30 days.


9.13. All issues will be initially attempted to resolve by anagreement out of Court.


9.14. All the disputes will be presented before a Court in Velika Gorica.