Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to book a transfer?

    You can book your transfer over our reservation system or via e-mail. You can find reservation details in ''How to book'' section.

  • 2.When do I need to book my transfer?

    You can book your transfer anytime you want. When we confirm the reservation, we guarantee you the availability of the car you ordered.

  • 3.What if I book a last-minute transfer?

    If you book a transfer 12 hours before the pick-up time in the reservation, please call us on the contact phones so we can immediately tell you if it's possible to organise this transfer for you.

  • 4.Are the named prices by person or by car?

    All our prices displayed here are per car with a driver.

  • 5.What is included in the transfer price?

    In a one-way transfer, the route from pick up point to the destination point is included in the price. In a forth and back transfer, the transfer price includes driving you from the pick up point to the destination point, and driving you back to the departure destination.

  • 6.Who can book a transfer?

    A transfer can book any person older than 18 years of age. Persons younger of 18 years need to have a written consent from their parents or be in a company of an adult.

  • 7. Can I choose the car?

    We have standard vehicles, a van, small and big buses. If you want a special type of car or a VIP treatment, dont hesitate to ask and we will do everything to satisfy your demands.

  • 8.What if my plane is late?

    If your plane is late on the arranged terminal, the driver will wait for you. Write the flight number on the reservation form you fill in, and according to that number we can reorganize if the plane is late. Waiting for you if the plane is late is not charged extra

  • 9.What if I missed my flight?

    If you've missed your plane, please contact us so we can arrange a new transfer time. If you do not call us and our driver is waiting for you at the airport, the terms from ''Terms and conditions'' apply.

  • 10. I do not want to pay for the transfer online, is there any other way?

    Other than online payment, you could pay your transfer with a bank-assignment or cash at the destination point. For more information click ''How to book a transfer'' or contact us at

  • 11.How long will my transfer take?

    Our reservation system will calculate the kilometers and it will estimate the time needed for the transfer. The estimated time is calculated when the road conditions are ideal, so if there is a traffic jam or bad weather, it is possible the transfer time will take a little longer. In that case, our driver will take other roads so he could drive you to your destination on time.

  • 12. Do you organize transfer for disabled people?

    Transfers for disabled people are possible, you only need to send us a request or make a note in the reservation form so we could organize an adequate vehicle.

  • 13.Is it possible to arrange seats for children?

    You can order child seats on our reservation form. They are charged by our price list.

  • 14.What if I have many bags?

    If you have more than 2 bags per person, please send us a note. We will not charge you extra but we need to know there is more luggage so we can arrange an adequate vehicle.

  • 15.Do you allow pet transfers?

    Pet transfer is allowed only if the pets are in adequate boxes.

  • 16.What if I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel your reservation according to the rules from '' Terms and conditions''. If you cancel it 3 or more days before the transfer, all payments will be refunded, and you will be charged for the money transfer fee.

  • 17. Are tips for the driver included in the transfer price?

    Tips are not included in the transfer price. They are not obligatory, but are welcomed.

  • 18. Is it possible to eat and drink during the transfer?

    It is not possible to eat and drink during the transfer. Bottled water or non alcoholic beverages are the exceptions.

  • 19. Will our driver drive us directly to the destination point or we will makes stops during the way?

    Our taxi transfers are directly to the destination point, but if guests want to make a stop during the ride, they can arrange that with the driver, according to their free time.

  • 20. What if I dont bring my invoice/voucher?

    If you loose your voucher from e-mail, we can always send you a new one. If you don't bring the vocuher on the pick up date, driver will ask you for identifications (ID card, passport, drivers license) so he can confirm your identity.

  • 21. Can I book a transfer that starts from a starting point outside Croatia?

    It is possible to book a transfer which starting or ending point is outside Croatia. If the terminal is not in our price list, contact us and we will send you our price as soon as possible.

  • 22. I can not find my question in this list, what to do?

    Please contact us at +385 91 3844 610, +385 91 3844 001, +385 91 3844 555 or so we can answer all your questions.